• Clinically proven technology LED wavelengths 

  • Resolve crow's feet,  frown lines, eye bags 

  • Penetrate skin to boost collagen production

  • Combat anti-ageing and skin elasticity

  • Feel the effects from first 3 minute use 

  • Perfect Christmas present 

Upgrade your skincare routine from home!

Receive anti aging benefits of red light therapy for a fraction of the salon cost.

Portable device penetrates deep into layers of your skin, ramping up collagen production. The LED Eye Perfector emits a red light to target the lines around the eyes, to smooth and firm.

Eye massage setting helps relax tired eyes by providing a gentle and soothing massage.

Daily use for 3 minutes guarantee results in 1st month


  • LED red light for skin treatment
  • Relaxing massage setting
  • Flexible silicone design
  • Adjustable head strap 
  • Instant USB charging
  • Automatic 3 min shutoff

  • Refunds Accepted 

  • Free Shipping


Step 1: Cleanse your skin and pat dry

Step 2: Apply eye cream around eyes

Step 3: Pop the LED Eye Perfector on & switch on

Step 4: Let treatment run for 3 minutes

Step 5: Apply Eye Cream once more

Step 6: Repeat daily


The LED Eye Perfectorcombines 4 LED wavelengths – amber , red , deep red , and near-infrared  into a powerful and targeted treatment for your eyes.

Achieve clinically-proven results with 80 professional-strength LEDs for effective LED light therapy at home

It boosts the effects of anti-ageing LED light. Unlock powerful wrinkle-fighting results

Ergonomic Design 

Snug fit to target wrinkles, under eye circles, crow's feet and frown lines


Treat yourself to a luxury treatement from the comfort of home 

Shareable Device 

Adjustable head strap and universal sizing makeit a shareable device