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LED COLOUR CHANGING LAMP: create a peaceful environment in your home or workspace with the rising bubbles and changing LED lights. Clear your head by watching the fishes swim around this standing indoor lamp aquarium. It can be a great help to maximize the imagination and the visual development of children or pure amusement for the youngest of the house

MAKE LIGHTING CREATIVE with the bubble fish floor lamp. Bring fun and a sensory experience to any room, plug in the lamp and let everyone get captivated by it. Perfect for a unique Christmas gift to your most original friend! A lamp as novelty as this LED changing colour bubble mood fish lamp will not be unnoticed

CONSTANT BUBBLES. Set up the perfect atmosphere to fit all your moods, you can regulate the bubbling with the front dial in the base. The LED colours change every few seconds for the enjoyment of everyone who watches it

DOUBLE PACKAGING: It is delivered with an outer mailing box and an inner gift box which is perfect to send over as a gift: Easy to use and to set up – Everything you need for assembling is included: UK plug charging, instructions and a pack of colourful artificial tropical fishes to create an appearance of marine life right in your room

STEADY. The fish lamp base keeps the circular bubble tube completely stable. No extra fixing is required




  • EYE CATCHING MOOD LIGHTING - The sea life fish bubble lamp is a fantastic novelty mood light that when combined with the bubble effects creates an amazing sensory experience.
  • SEA LIFE - The LED bubble fish lamp comes with a mix of tropical fish, jellyfish and seahorses, creating an effect that rivals a real aquarium tank.
  • COLOUR CHANGING BUBBLE LAMP – Three different colours will fade in and out of this novel lava lamp creating a unique lightshow. The light show combined with the soothing hum of the bubble motor will create a unique aquarium like experience in your own home.
  • FOCAL LIGHT FEATURE - Standing at 90cm tall the sea life LED fish bubble lamp will add great character to any room. A generous lead wire means you can place the bubble fish lamp wherever you like without unsightly cables running across your living room or bedroom floor.
  • GLOBAL GIZMOS – Global Gizmos has a wide range of unique and entertaining toys, gadgets and classic games, all of which can be found at the Benross Group page on OnBuy.

Global Gizmos 45500 Large Sea Creature Bubble Lamp / Silver Description

Sea Life Bubble Lamp | 90cm Tall | Relaxing Sensory Experience | Colour-Changing LED Lights

This fantastic looking metallic blue bubble lamp full of beautiful sea life will give you the feeling of being inside an aquarium right in your own home! Featuring charming models of sea creatures such as jellyfish, seahorses and tropical fish, the tank produces a rush of bubbles, and is illuminated by LED lights that change colour over time to create a soothing, relaxing effect that can enchant both kids and adults for hours. The motor for the bubbles creates a quiet, soothing hum, meaning that combined with the visual effects, this lamp makes for an excellent sensory lamp that can bring calm to anyone. Each tank has a height of 90cm, and a lead wire length of 1.8m, giving you the space to place the lamp wherever you like without the risk of cables stretching across the floor. Visit the Benross Group OnBuy store to choose from 3 different base colours - metallic blue, rose gold, and silver. Each different colour also features its own unique colours of fish inside! 

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With a towering tube you can fill with water, a powerful yet quiet air motor that produces ascending bubbles, fake tropical fish that swim with waiving tails, and color-changing LEDs that dazzle and relax, the SensoryMoon Bubble Fish Lamp combines so many unique, mesmerizing features, that kids of all ages can't wait to put it in their bedrooms, and never want to turn it off!

Our #1 best-seller and original sensory lamp, SensoryMoon's Bubble Fish Lamp combines together so many breathtaking sensory features including dazzling bubbles, fish, and LEDs - the whole family can't help but become completely mesmerized!

Here's how it works:

Large Shatter-Proof Acrylic Water Tube

Now with a whopping one to two gallon capacity, our bubble tubes gives more room for you to fill it with water and fish than ever before! Plus, with strong and flexible PMMA material that doesn't shatter upon falling, our lamps are designed with kids in mind.

White Noise Bubble Stream Motor

Engineered with a powerful yet quiet air pump at the base, our bubble lamp produces a rhythmic, steady ascent of streaming bubbles that fill up the towering tube while providing a soothing white noise. A super captivating yet relaxing feature!

Fake Swimming Fish with Mechanical Tails

Each bubble lamp comes with multiple fake tropical fish made at the perfect density to slowly "swim" up and down the tube - waving their mechanical tails and rotating in response to the bubble currents without a worry in the world!

20 Option Remote Control for LEDs (4 FT Only)

The bright, RGB LEDs at the base work tirelessly to illuminate the bubbles, fish, and entire tube - making everything shimmer with gorgeous colorful ambiance. Plus, with the 4 FT lamp, your child can also choose his/her favorite from 16 solid color options and 4 color-changing modes with a remote control!

Adjustable Wall Bracket (Not Included)

(OPTIONAL ACCESSORY FOR 4 FT LAMP) Accidents happen. And that's why we offer our safe and secure wall bracket. Adjustable to a variety of lengths and easy to install, our wall mounts are an effective way to protect your child's favorite lamp from tip-overs or accidents - a must buy!

Cushioned Platform Holder (Not Included)

(OPTIONAL ACCESSORY FOR 4 FT LAMP) Upgrade your loved one's gift into a sensory escape. With stain-resistant fabric, a space-saving corner design, and an internal storage compartment that securely holds the bubble lamp, this platform as a must have for kids to enjoy their aquarium wonderland up close!

A Gift That Will Really "Wow" This Year

We see it time and time again: kids' eyes light up the first time they see the water, bubbles, and fake fish come together in the magical aquarium display. Our lamps are sure to dazzle and impress your loved one on their special day unlike any toy, game, or other gift.

Plus, with a whopping 20 different color options on the 4 FT lamp, siblings, friends, and family alike will all be captivated and want one in their own room! All the more reason to make your child feel lucky to have you on their special day.


mazing for Kids with Sensory Needs

Because each SensoryMoon Bubble Fish Lamp has so many sensory features that both relax and dazzle, it can be an amazing tool to help children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs meet their sensory needs.

From soothing overspent emotions with relaxing sensory input, to stimulating focus and attention with dazzling aquarium features, to just giving a safe space for kids to explore their sensory inclinations - our best-selling Bubble Lamps are often raved by parents as the best gift they ever got their kids with special needs.

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